Hands-On Physiotherapy

At myPhysio in Harrogate, we firmly believe in the positive benefits of physiotherapy. Our bodies undergo all kinds of stresses and strains throughout life. From time to time we may pick up the occasional injury, and this can usually be relieved quite simply by a small amount of physiotherapy.

Chris Aldred is a highly skilled Harrogate physiotherapist with an expertise in musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy and a passion for helping people.

He takes a hands-on approach to physiotherapy, using manual therapy in combination with cutting-edge techniques and evidence-based treatments to help his patients recover from injury.

Chris has an advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the mechanics of the body. He provides expert diagnosis, treatment and advice about a variety of injuries, including sports injury, and and is Harrogate’s leading physiotherapist in lower back pain.

Chris has a strong reputation for his professionalism, dedication and friendliness, and the way he is able to simply and reassuringly explain to his patients details of their injuries and how to treat them.

Chris is fantastic at diagnosing and treating issues. Communication is excellent and reasonably priced.

Vicky P

Chris is a superb physio. You get a thorough diagnosis, treatment and then a plan of exercises to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Kevin M