Expert in Lower Back Pain


Chris Aldred is a highly skilled physiotherapist and can treat all areas of the body, from the neck down to the feet. His specialist area is physiotherapy for lower back pain.

Chris has treated thousands of patients with lower back pain during a career spanning nearly two decades. His clinical treatments are highly effective in relieving pain through expert and hands-on physiotherapy techniques.

Chris has also spent the past five years inventing, researching and developing a pelvic realignment device which enables his patients to have more control over managing their back pain at home. Chris recognises that, while physiotherapy can be of huge benefit to people who suffer from lower back pain, they need to be able to continue the good work of healing and strengthening their back at home, in between their physio appointments.


The device, called Pelvipro, helps people to get their pelvis in its optimal position, which puts the spine and hips in the best position to heal and strengthen. This not only allows them to self-manage their lower back pain whenever they need to, but also ensures that their back is in its best position for further work during their next physiotherapy session.

In trials, Pelvipro has been shown to be highly effective in relieving or eliminating lower back pain.

In 2017, Chris launched Pelvipro to the wider market to give anyone with lower back pain the opportunity to take control of their pain. For more information or to buy the product, click here.