About myPhysio

Chris Aldred has extensive experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Through his professionalism, dedication and friendliness, he has built up a strong reputation within one of the world’s largest cities. Giving treatment to many different nationalities and types of people ranging from office workers to triathletes, world famous England and Australian rugby stars to senior citizens.       

He has recently returned from Shanghai China, where he was selected to introduce Western medicine into a country with a great tradition of alternative treatments and therapies.  He was selected by a top Neurologist in New York City, Dr Dexter Sun as his chief Physiotherapist to take on this challenge. Whilst in Shanghai he teamed up with an orthopaedic specialist to synergistically combine their knowledge, experience and talent to deliver highly effective diagnosis and treatments to orthopaedic and sports injury patients of ages ranging from 8 to 90 years.

Chris was twice invited by the China Association of Sports Medicine to be a guest speaker at The Shanghai-International Advanced Course and National Conference on Arthroscopic Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. His topic was; The Western Approach To Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation.
He also became the lead physiotherapist for the Shanghai Racquet Club and the Shanghai expatriate rugby team.       

Earlier on in his career he worked alongside Daniel Donachie, Physiotherapist for Everton
Football Club, to help build a successful musculoskeletal clinic in Manchester.

Chris has now returned to his roots, to bring back his highly enriched knowledge
and experience to benefit the people of Harrogate and is proud to introduce myPhysio. 


Our centre here in Harrogate's town centre is designed to offer you the
highest quality and most effective physiotherapy possible. Our spacious
facility offers a comfortable, stylish reception area, treatment room and our very own gym which offers the ideal environment for rehabilitation. Our Life Fitness treadmill has a built in shock absorption system which is perfect for safe progression of injured limbs. Manual therapy is first and foremost our preferred form of treatment as an adjoining treatment we offer the latest advancements in combined electrotherapy technology. Patient education is the key to our success and we use the Apple I Touch to offer you interactive images as well as life sized joint models to help you better understand your injury or condition.